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by Themes-Team (Kay Strobach, Jo Hasenau, Thomas Deuling)

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Editable colors

Editable colors

As all themes this one comes with editable colors or predefined colorsets.

All you need for start

All you need for start

Just install the theme from the extension manager and you are ready to go!

Clean code

Clean code

The theme code is very slim and clean, and is highly customizeable via the themes extension backend module.

Clean Code

The author of the theme provides external documentation.

The author of the theme provides a demo installation.

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Twitter Bootstrap theme for TYPO3 CMS. Based on theme_bootstrap


Slate is a very basic theme. It can be used to start your own theme.

It is used by the themes Team mainly for testing and experimenting with new functionalities.

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supported extensions

  • news (1.0.0)
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